Finishing Times

These will be an estimate due to factors such as condition of the guitar, work that will need to be done in the refinishing processes and the nature of the paint job that has been chosen to be done on it

Paints used in the refinishing

All the paints used in the refinishing processes, are urethane/polyester based paints, giving the guitar a new life, as these paints are very durable and last much longer than the paint used on traditional guitars of today (Nitrocellulose).

Customer responsibilities

The customer is responsible for all shipping costs, taxes etc., to ultimate destination (Prism Guitars).
Prism Guitars will not be held responsible for any errors, enroute damages, acts of nature etc., that the shipping company may incur due to unforeseen circumstances that may happen during shipping. All Color(s) displayed in this WebSite and chosen by the customer, cannot be exact due to reproduction of the application. Should the customer be dissatisfied with the final refinishing of their guitar and there is a case for that dissatisfaction, Prism Guitars will review the issue and make the necessary adjustments, if warranted.
Free Return shipping of the finished guitar can only occur once a complete payment has been received by Prism Guitars and will be valid for standard ground (insured) shipping. Any method of return shipping other than standard ground, the additional costs will be to the account of the customer (collect charges).
"When shipping your guitar body(s) to Prism Guitars, the body MUST BE free of any hardware or accessories !Prism Guitars will not be responsible for removal of any item(s) that remain attached to the guitar body.


All payments must be made through eTransfer. For all orders, a deposit of 50 percent of the total price of the order(s) is required before an order can commence.

Privacy of Information

It is the utmost importance to Prism Guitars, that our customers' information will always remain confidential and will never be disclosed by any means including electronic or other, to any party(s) except where required for the completion of the customers' order(s).